Boon Courier

As a Boon courier, we connect you in less than 90 minutes with people and companies to cover their shipping needs, paperwork, orders or whatever they need. With Boon, you can be your own boss by working when and how you want. You can also generate income to achieve your financial goals and we also provide bonuses.

Do what you enjoy

GPS tracking helps you know the best route to provide an optimal service

An app that equips you with tools to make your job easier and provide you with technical support 24/7

The more services you offer, the higher your earnings will be

Flexible working hours by simply logging in and out from the app

Become a pioneer in technological innovation with Boon

How it works?

Become part of our community signing up to deliver for Boon. By becoming a courier, you not only give yourself the freedom to work the hours that suit you, but you provide fast deliveries in your city.

Download the app

You can drive with Android or iPhone.

Register and send documents

Upon completion, your application will be reviewed for approval. Check the Required Documents list.

Account verification

Once approved, you can use the Boon Driver application anywhere in the country.

Bank information

You will receive an encrypted link by email so that you can securely send us the IBAN number of your bank account.

What are the requirements to drive with Boon?

20 years or more. It will be verified with the personal identification card.

Updated Driver's license and appropriate to the vehicle you drive

Own a motorcycle - 2009 onwards in excellent condition.

Proof of the Marchamo (right of circulation) in force to 2019.

iPhone or Android to use the free Boon Driver app.

IBAN number of a bank account under the name of the driver. (IBAN minimum 22 digits).

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