We saw a need for a new, refreshed way to ride

We’ve created our company with one thing in mind: you. Our services, guidelines, and mission all revolve around the experience we’re creating for Boon partners and customers.

We believe in providing safe transportation to everyone.  

Our drivers are vetted to make sure that your experience isa safe one. Whether you’re looking for a ride or looking for delivery services, our drivers and courier services are here for you. It’s our goal to be a company you trust and a company that you feel proud doing business with.

Transportation shouldn’t be something you have to earn.

We believe in being accessible, transparent, and confident in our business and in what we do. We work hard to earn your trust and to earn your business. We know you have choices, and we feel honored being an option. Our goal is to be more than just an option, though. We want to be your go-to, no questions asked.

Our drivers are more than just drivers…they’re our partners.

Whether you’re looking to break free from the 9-5 or just need a little extra spending money, we welcome drivers into the experience we’re building and give you the flexibility you can’t find anywhere else. We work hard to create an environment that instills a positive experience for both our partners and our customers.

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What will your ride cost?

Enter a pick-up point and a destination for a fare estimate. For now, we operate exclusively in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

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Choose how you ride

Easily select a car that suits your preference (or pocket) and choose to ride now, or schedule a ride for later and tell us about your experience.


Meet your Driver

Track the arrival of your Driver in real time. We'll send you all your Driver’s details, including what car plate and a photo to look out for.


Pay and rate your ride

You can use credit card or your digital wallet to pay for your ride.Please tell us about your experience so we can make the next one even better.

Get to know us a little bit. Learn what we’re all about.  

Boon Rides (USA only)

Dedicated to bringing you closer to where you want, anytime

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Boon Courier

Send your items quickly and easy. On-demand 60 minute delivery.

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Boon Meals

Little wishes, delivered. Get anything you want delivered in minutes.

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“Being a part of Boon gives me the opportunity to work with a company I trust. I’ve gotten the flexibility I was craving and I’m able to work anytime I want. I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

— Alex

Soccer player, dad, and Puerto Rico driver

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If you currently drive with other apps with an excellent rating, join us to maintaining a lowest commission in the industry and get additional rewards. Earn more with Boon.

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